Compresensive Paper

  • After completing the EE core curriculum courses (Mission of God, Evangelism Practicum, Understanding the Cults, and Effective Communication), ACT students must write a "Comprehensive Paper”.
  • This paper is to incorporate course lectures, scripture, ministry practice and how to apply these components to your ongoing personal development. This paper will accomplish two things:
  1. Develop a plan for growth by addressing the issues that came to light through the course lectures and readings.
  2. Develop a plan for ongoing spiritual development in intimacy with God and spiritual maturity.
  • This paper will allow each student to earn additional credits. The requirements for the paper are as follows: 
    • Include your name and email address on the title page of this paper.
    • This paper is to be completed at the end of your Advanced Theological Studies (after completing Mission of God, Evangelism Practicum, Understanding the Cults, and Effective Communication)
    • Email your completed paper to Kara Alexander:
    • Please type your paper using a "Word" document or PDF file.
    • Double space your paper.
    • The paper should be 15 pages long.
    • It must include a Title Page and Bibliography Page that are not to be included in 15 pages. Also include footnotes if desired.
    • You must cite all footnotes, quotes, and references used in your paper on the Bibliography Page.
    • You should integrate what you have learned in all the courses and show how these new concepts or truths can be applied to your ministry. 
    • You may reference previous ACT Final Papers and include quotes from such papers in this Comprehensive Paper.