Weekly outline

  • The Mission of God

    Finding Your Place in the Purposes of God

  • Lecture 1: Introduction

    In this lecture we will consider how it is we can know something reliable and saving about the One who, in his essence, cannot be named or numbered. We will look at the Bible as our source for saving and guiding knowledge of God. We will seek to answer the question "How may I find my place in the purposes of God?”

    This series of lectures is based on the book "The Mission of God: Unlocking the Bible's Grand Narrative” by Christopher J. H. Wright and published by Inter-Varsity Press in 2006

  • Lecture 2: The Mission of God

    In this lecture we will explore the nature of the mission that the Lord God has had in his creation from the very beginning and which he is pursuing until he brings is will to its perfect fruition.

  • Week 3: The Mission of Humanity

    We shall consider the calling that God placed upon Humanity which carried both dignity and responsibility. We will look at the manner in which humanity failed in its calling but how the perfect Human Being repaired the loss and brings about the fulfilment God's intention for humanity.

  • Lecture 4: The Mission of Israel

    Here we will consider the role God gave to Abraham and his descendants and their performance in the calling that was theirs. We shall look at the way this feeds into the story of Jesus and of the New Testament and the lessons it carries for the church.

  • Lecture 5: The Mission of Jesus

    The Lord Jesus came to fulfil the role purposed for him in the purposes of the Triune God for the accomplishment of the Mission of God. This he did as a human being in the power of the Eternal Spirit. We shall consider how this is expressed in the Gospels and the Epistles and what is says to us.

  • Week 6: The Mission of the Church

    The Church is that body of people who have been redeemed and restored to fellowship with God through faith in Christ and by new birth through the Spirit. We will explore their mission as God's restored humanity and as God's Israel: a kingdom and priests to God the Father offering the spiritual worship of faith, love, and service.

  • Week 7: Mission and God's Earth

    The material for this lecture is taken from Chapter 12 of Chris Wright's book. It deals with the creation in which God has placed us, and the responsibilities we have for creation in our God-given role as being God's image bearers in His creation.

  • Week 8: Mission and the Image of God

    This lecture, taken from chapter 13 of Chris Wright's book, is an important treatment of what it is to be human; what are the privileges, responsibilities, and implications of being a human, and of being a redeemed human, and what this means for our life's calling.

  • Week 9: Mission and the Nations in Old Testament Vision

    This chapter deals with the relationship between Israel and the nations and what the significance of this is in the New Testament.

  • Week 10: God and the Nations in New Testament Mission

    This chapter looks at the foundation upon which the Lord Jesus and His earliest followers built a construction that Wright says "has become to be called the mission of the church”.